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"In 1957, our third daughter, Cindy Jill, was born.  We called her Cindy for a while, then gradually shifted over to Jill, which is how she is now known."



Leo Jordan did not have a good sense of entrepreneurship or marketing  (he felt excellency and truth were enough to make people want a product) so he never got his works published professionally.  Mostly, he photocopied them to give to friends.  I feel compelled to do what Leo did not--get his works out there for the public to read as I believe many people will benefit.  Furthermore, I have greatly benefited from others who have been generous enough to upload many studies, sermons and theological research.  It would be selfish of me if I did not share what I have in my possession.

I am the third daughter, Jill.  It was I who sat under Dad's (Leo's)  teaching for 17 years.  It was I who edited every page of everything he wrote from 1978 on.  I witnessed the periods of elation when Dad would gain new insights into the scriptures, and when he would become despondent after having poured himself out writing it all down.  I was there  when he said, "I don't know why God has inspired me to write and I don't know who it is intended for, but if the Lord wants it out, He'll make a way."

Well, He has made a way and this is it!


JillI was born in Kingsport, Tennessee on August 28th 1957.  I had an extremely happy childhood, playing and romping around the countryside.  Dad quit attending church when  I was a baby and I  was somewhat unaware of Dad's inner struggles with Christianity. Mother took me to Sunday School, but more often than not, I asked to stay home with Dad.  When I was around 13 years old, however, Mother insisted I attend church as I was becoming an impudent, rebellious, hard-headed teenager.  Mom gave me a choice of attending, Sunday morning or Sunday night.  I chose Sunday night.  I was prepared to be utterly bored.  What happened, though, is that I became fixated with the choir.  They sang with such joy!  I wanted to feel that same joy.  Somehow I knew that it came from  having a guiltless soul, from being innocent.  Of course I had not done any major sin or crime--I was only 13 years old.  But without anyone telling me, I knew I was a sinner.  I asked to be baptized (to everyone's surprise, especially my parents) and I went to the alter, repented and was filled with the Holy Spirit.  I truly felt clean and innocent.

Around this same time, Dad had started going to church.  I was at home when he made the phone call from St. Paul, that he wanted to  start attending  church (after a 10 year hiatus) when he got  home from his business trip.  I was there when  the pastor and his wife  came late at night to talk to him about church.  I was there when Dad walked up the long isle to the alter, and wept like a baby.  I was there when Dad came home from work after having been reprimanded by his boss and knelt down with Mom at the bedside and prayed with exclamations of joy!

I was there when Dad started studying the bible and teaching such beautiful lessons.  I was there when he typed his first manuscript.

Finally, though I left home and moved to Kentucky.  Later when Dad accepted the pastorate of the Boston, Kentucky church, I was already there.  I heard him teach for the next 17 years.

So it is only natural that I continue his work.


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Christopher Leo Jordan
June 11 1925 to
July 30 2000 

He was my father. I am here to finish his work.

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