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--upbeat, uplifting, and edifying.

THE CUP OF HIS INDIGNATION--downbeat, concerned with judgment, plagues and desolation.



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The Voice of Melody

An excerpt from the Preface:

In the following pages I wish to examine John's apocalyptic vision of the New Jerusalem, critically comparing it to certain like passages of Old Testament prophecy, especially Isaiah and the Song of Solomon.  I will attempt to answer this question: does John's language describe a literal place, the home of the redeemed, or is it figurative for something else, a spiritual entity which is quite incapable of being seen by mortal eyes?  Who is right, the literalists who anticipate the time when they shall actually walk down streets of gold behind jasper walls, or those who regard the vision as symbolic of a spiritual kingdom far superior to any literal one we can imagine?

In order to justify my answers, I must take a rather detailed look at Zion of the Old Testament.  My approach will be approximately along these lines: an interpretation first of Zion as a woman, then as a garden, and finally as a city.  The metaphors are almost never pure--they are mixed and mingled in a maze of exotic imagery that almost defies analysis.  It will be seen, however, that all prophecy is primarily about Jesus Christ.  All the promised blessings of Zion--the restoration of her children, her fruitful fields, and her joyful citizens--are by, for, and through Jesus Christ of Nazareth, her most exalted Son.

The theme of this book, then, may be broadly stated as an examination of those promises as they relate to the bride and the bridegroom, or to the garden and the gardener, or, simply, to Zion and Christ, as expressed in metaphor, simile, personification, and the like.  

. . . ultimately they are found to be simply restating the grandest theme of all: Christ died to save sinners.

Surely, it is with ‘the voice of melody’ that his servants declare the good news unto all people.”









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Brief Overview

Christopher Leo Jordan
June 11 1925 to
July 30 2000 

He was my father. I am here to finish his work.

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