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. . . the grandest theme of all:  
Christ died to save sinners.



A strong parallel exists between the way the themes of the Bible are introduced and developed and the way themes of a great work of music, such as a symphony or an oratorio, are introduced and developed.  A master composer will invent a relatively simple musical idea, then invert it, reverse it, modulate it, counterpoint it with itself or a related theme, or otherwise transform it, often changing the character of the original so much that it seems to the uninitiated to be a totally new theme.  The overall effect is one of profundity and unity, the hallmarks of greatness.  Similarly, the great themes of redemption and salvation in the hands of the master scribes such as Isaiah, Solomon, Paul, or John, undergo many a transmutation that render them at times almost unrecognizable.  But ultimately they are found to be simply restating the grandest theme of all:  Christ died to save sinners.

(excerpt from The Voice of Melody by C.L.Jordan)



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A larger volume of work by C.L. Jordan, entitled The Voice of Melody, is now available for purchase on Amazon or Lulu.com. It is a description of the beautiful entity of Zion, as a bride, a city and a garden
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Mr. Jordan's most shocking book, The Cup of His Indignation will be available in e-book format at a later date.  Stay tuned. . .it attempts to answer the question: Who is Mystery Babylon the Great.?

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Christopher Leo Jordan
June 11 1925 to
July 30 2000 

He was my father. I am here to finish his work.

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